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TIARA-MEDICAL is one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment in the Russia.

We deal with sales and supply of medical, laboratory and dental equipment, hospital and laboratory furniture, expendable materials, along with implementation and support of complex solutions for fit out and refurbishment of medical establishments, health resorts, diagnostic centers, medical aesthetics and spa salons.

We offer manufacturers of medical devices who want to bring the product to the Russian flexible and beneficial conditions for cooperation.

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Comprehensive Outfitting
We offer a variety of services, ranging from equipment selection according to customer needs to interior design and outfitting.
Accomplished Projects
Клиника ЕМС Санкт-Петербург
EMS Clinic
Saint Petersburg

EMS (Integrated Medical Systems) is one of the earliest private first aid and emergency care services in Saint Petersburg, and a multi-field outpatient clinic. Our partner since 2013. Over the years, we have accomplished wide-ranging projects in comprehensive outfitting of consulting rooms (equipment selection, installation, personnel training) and specific deliveries of equipment and instruments.

Клиника Альтермед Санкт-Петербург
Altermed Clinic
Saint Petersburg

A long-standing group of private clinics in Saint Petersburg, our credible partner since 2015. In the course of the multi-purpose project, our experts fitted out in full one of the new chain clinics with medical equipment, furniture and instruments. In addition to specified functional and technical properties of the supplied equipment, our team facilitated coherent business design.

Немецкая семейная клиника Санкт-Петербург
German Family Clinic
Saint Petersburg

The first and the only to date German family clinic in Saint Petersburg, established in Germany back in 2009. The clinic is notable for exclusive German management system. Highly qualified professionals in Germany take all managerial decisions, and that provides full compliance with European standards of service. Fruitful cooperation with German Family Clinic gave us the opportunity to evaluate European approach to outfitting a clinic and to demonstrate quality and productivity of our efforts.

Медицинский центр Эталон. Колпино
Etalon Medical Center

Etalon Medical Center is our partner since 2012. In the context of cooperation with the center, our experts accomplished projects in comprehensive outfitting of the departments of dentistry, cardiology, ultrasonography, ultrasonic diagnostics, gynecology, urinology and laboratory diagnostics.

ММЦ Оптима. Петрозаводск
Multi-function Medical Center Optima

Multi-function Innovation Medical Center Optima was created according to cutting-edge standards, securing thorough medical checks, effective treatment and comfortable hospital stay. In the course of the comprehensive outfitting our experts selected, installed and put into service equipment sets for various clinic activities, including operating room lighting for cardiovascular and maxillofacial surgery, as well as laboratory diagnostics.

Клиника Falck. Владивосток

Falck is the first clinic based on European standards in Primorsky Krai. The clinic provides full range of services from outpatient diagnostics to inpatient treatment and emergency care services. The clinic also has international offices. In the context of the project, our experts participated in comprehensive outfitting of the department of ophthalmology. The project had a fixed set of objectives and features, including time limits and tight specifications.

Your reliable partner

Our company deals with sales and supply of medical, laboratory and dental equipment, hospital and laboratory furniture, expendable materials, along with implementation and support of complex solutions for fit out and refurbishment of medical establishments, health resorts, diagnostic centers, medical aesthetics and spa salons.
TIARA MEDICAL maintains business ties with manufacturers and end users of medical equipment, as well as professional logistics and marketing companies, making arrangements for prompt product delivery and market-oriented research.

Due to the solid experience in servicing of healthcare establishments, we are ready to propose our customers the best options for the medical equipment purchase, ensuring better performance and selection of optimized treatment duration.

TIARA MEDICAL is a customer-oriented company aiming at the extensive customer satisfaction; we offer a full range of services ranging from competent assistance in equipment selection to delivery and installation of equipment in any region of Russian Federation.

TIARA MEDICAL will be proud to become your secure business partner and to increase efficiencies for both parties. Our benefits include:

  • Great variety of modern high-quality medical, laboratory and dental equipment. We offer medical technology of the leading globally recognized manufacturing companies;
  • Great deals - our price list does not exceed market averages on the territory of Russian Federation, and prices of some products are negotiable;
  • Flexible business structure, responding appropriately to dynamic market changes;
  • Mobile and customer-friendly marketing strategies;
  • Well-integrated efficient logistics and management of supply chains, ensuring prompt delivery of medical equipment;

Placing orders online on our Website, provided with full and up-to-date information, technical specifications, operational features and price comparisons – a simple tool for making optimal choices.

TIARA MEDICAL is always open to cooperation, we value our reputation and assume full liability for the medical equipment we supply. All the equipment we represent is registered and certified with Ministry of Health, supplied with translated operating manuals, warranty and post-warranty service.

Our distinct and consistent policies afford grounds for the future growth of the company, and therefore, we invite you to deal with us and to strengthen international cooperation based on respect and mutual benefit.

Kind Regards,

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